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Game Over

Posted on: December 29, 2008 2:37 am
There used to be an old joke that asked what Jim McMahon and Jimmy Swaggert had in common, the answer being they could each make 50,000 people stand up and yell JESUS CHRIST!!!  It's been apparent for a few years now that the same applied to Brett Favre.  With one exception--Nobody seems to notice the absolute blockhead plays he manages to pull off week after week.  Its just Brett being Brett, or whatever rationale his appologists come up with.  It used to be that he'd overcome that play with a twisting,spinning jump pass over the arms of a linebacker and thru double coverage into the waiting arms of his receiver.  Anymore, its into the waiting arms of a free safety.  
Favre's willingness to hog a microphone after another humiliating defeat should in no way offset his poor play.  At best, he borders somewhere between mediocre and average.  At best.  Otherwise, he's beyond useless.  A washed up over achiever with no clue that the game has passed him by. 
So when he blindly tosses the ball to a wide open defensive end, then does a swan dive in a vain attempt to tackle the lumbering ballcarrier, then wanders off the field shaking his hand as if THAT was the cause for this latest boo-boo, its just sad.  Theres gotta be a ten year old out there, who's dad has a number 4 jersey and license plates proclaiming FARVE 4EVER.  And that kid, with more objectivity than a nation full of sportscasters, has to be wondering what all the fuss is about.  That kid knows that if he pulled the same stunt, his pee wee coach would cut, bench and berate him all at once.  Yet nobody who's job it is to point these things out utters a peep as Laverneus Coles and Jericho Cotchery dive vainly for balls they were 3 feet open for. 
Give him his due, his yellow jacket, a statue in a wax meuseum.  But give him his walking papers too...   
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